Rima teaching a group “boot camp” class in Washington Square Park, NYC (click images for larger/more)

Rima is my ideal trainer. She’s tough, but not mean. I only wish I had not flaked out on the first couple sessions–def my loss!

—Aina Hunter

Rima kicks ass! (incidentally she’ll make your ass look really good too.) I worked out with Rima for about six weeks leading up to my wedding and had the best results I’ve ever had with a trainer or workout regime. Most of our workouts were via email and then we met up a few times to touch base–a great option if you’re tight on funds or time. Her workouts are intense but doable and she’ll really tailor them to your fitness level and needs.

My goal was to lose 10 pounds before the big day–I ended up losing 8 pounds, toned and tightened everything, and looked “slammin’ hot” (my husband’s words) on the big day.

—Elizabeth Laime

With a rare combination of professional expertise and a warm & encouraging manner, Rima is able to inspire even the most reluctant participant to perform. Her encouragement and confidence is grounded in her knowledge of a wide range of interests; she clearly excels in both the fitness and nutrition arenas.

Additionally, Rima’s calm and patient demeanor makes her an ideal trainer for an individual impaired by memory disorders and other ailments associated with a geriatric population. Her ability to adapt to my husband’s and my varying needs and levels of fitness attests to the scope of her capabilities. Rima has certainly exceeded our expectations–I would recommend her without reservation, and hope she continues to have the time to work with our family!

—Sue & Tom Schwarz

Rima Sidhu is the best trainer ever. She is TOUGH and fun at the same time. Your body will change fast from her rigorous workout. She knows how to mix the workout with a good time and before you know it you’ll be in the best shape of your life.


Rima develops a personalized routine based on your needs and goals and gives you the guidance to help you achieve them. With her knowledge, she offers a complete physical and dietary package for you to transform the way you live and feel.

—Anthony Montalto

I only have positive comments about your commitment to your training regimen and to your clients. I was impressed by your willingness to tailor your workouts to serve only your clients needs. You cared for my overall health and well being and did your very best to achieve the result I strived for. Your caring and attention to detail resulted in my thorough enjoyment of our sessions together.

—Sandy Roth